Birth Control

Chastity and it’s role for birth control both for preventing pregnancy and for possible pregnancy. For the obvious, chastity is a way in which you can enjoy sexual activities with your husband without the threat of unwanted pregnancy. We all know there are other forms of birth control from medication to IUDs to condoms or even surgery for that matter. However, not all of them are 100% guarentee for birth control and unwanted pregnancy. Chastity can pretty much give you that guarentee. The only way it cannot is if you are flirting with forcing him to orgasm/ejaculate in chastity in her vagina. If there is fear of getting pregnant for one reason or another or no more desire for children, then chastity might be a great solution for couples. There are many posts and ideologies out there describing the benefits of male chastity for wives and those can be referred to as a source for “improving” relationships and so forth. Back to birth control, why? Well, one or both parties might be more inclined to this idea due to the risk of unwanted pregnacy. Chastity can be something that can be used for birth control, however it is also a tool for sexual games, conduct and heightened sexual pleasure (sometimes depends on who you talk to). Chastity as mentioned in this blog a few times can be a game that turns him on at a continual ever increasing constant arousal, whereas for her, it turns his focus to her wants, needs and provides her with sexual pleasure with enjoyment and attention. Another way to use chastity for birth control is a form of extortion for lack of a better term. Let’s delve into a hypothetical. Say wife wants to have a baby and husband is reluctant. With chastity, wives can control their husbands in a why to have sex with them with the risk of having a baby. Wives can dictate and determine when her husband can have sex with her (ovulation time) and husband has the choice of staying locked in chastity until next ovulation cycle or risk possible pregnancy and having a child. It can be extremely risky, but a fun way to have kids as well.

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-MCI, keep ’em locked and have fun!


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