Quick Guide to Vanilla Chastity + Tease & Denial

What is it?

Chastity is what you are thinking it is.  Placing your husband’s penis is a device to prevent sex or masturbation.  However, the ultimate goal for this chastity device is for orgasm control, tease and denial.  Why?  “When you control his penis, you can control him.”  What this means is that often the motivation behind your husband’s deeds are selfish in nature.  With the chastity device = orgasm control/their pleasure, this allows you to have a little fun, while making him suffer in a state of perpetual horniness.  This leads us to tease and denial.

Tease and denial – a fun way for you to control your man in both sexual and non-sexual ways.  Teasing him can be a lot of fun for the both of you.  You can do this in whatever ways you feel that you can tease him whether it be through texting, pictures, wearing lingerie to bed, masturbating in front of him or just snuggling up close to him and putting your hands on him.  Sexually speaking, take him out of the cage and stroke him, suck him and tease him with your body.  Bring him to the edge of orgasm without letting him. Make him moan and beg for it, but never let him have it.  The possibilities are endless, just be his sexy wife for him.

How long should you lock your husband up?  Well, this is completely up to you.  There are a few ways to reach a conclusion.  The most important thing is to make sure that the chastity device is comfortable for longer term wear with experimenting with different lengths of time.  When a man reaches orgasm, and ejaculates it take him anywhere from 5-10 days for his hormones to re-balance out.  All other lengths of time are to be decided by you.  You can decide as a couple or just up to the wife (what he really wants).  If you are having a tough time deciding, then you can leave it up to chance.  Here are a few things to use:

Have fun with it and keep him guessing if he leaves it up to you.  One thing that I would like to challenge you with is that he might ask you to release him and you might be willing because you feel bad.  To help you out, vow for the first time for prolonged chastity, tease and denial is to do it for a minimum of 90-100 days.  That’ll give you, the wife, to be comfortable with him in the device, to be able to say no to him and possible punish him with threats of extended time frames.  Call it an adjustment or breaking in period for the wife.

What about the wives…we want sex?  – Yes you do.  Are you talking about getting sexual pleasure or are you talking about intercourse?  If you are talking about sexual pleasure, let him give you as much oral sex as you want and like especially if he enjoys doing that to you.  What about intercourse?  There are a few options for this.  You can take off the chastity device and go at it like rabbits.  You can have normal sex, but he is not allowed to orgasm and has to stop when he is close.  You can purchase a strap-on and put it around him and let him have sex with you.  This gives you a few options on type, sizes and features.  Finally, you can purchase a penis sleeve.  One thing to consider with this is that many are designed with his pleasure in mind too, so you can put some numbing cream or “oral gel” inside to decrease his sensitivity.

Pegging – pegging is the act of the woman wearing a strap-on and anally penetrating her husband.  The anus can be very sensitive and pleasurable to both men and women.  Men can find it very pleasurable since they have a prostate gland that is accessible through the anus.  The prostate gland is a component in male pleasure and orgasm and if stimulated can produce orgasmic like sensations without actually having an actual orgasm.  If you are going to participate in pegging, word to the wise is be clean and use plenty of lubrication.  This can be very empowering for the wives and also give them a sense of being the penetrator rather than the one being penetrated.

Ruined Orgasm – a ruined orgasm is kind of like it sounds.  You bring your husband to just the edge of orgasm and as he goes over that edge you take all stimulation away.  If stimulation continues he goes through a full orgasmic episode.  With removal of stimulation, he cannot achieve this state and thus ruined.  A successful ruin orgasm is when semen slowly dribbles out of his penis.  If there are “spurts” or orgasmic contractions where the semen spurts out, you may have achieved only a partial orgasm.  Communication with your husband is important in being able to find the right spot on him.  Another way to give him a ruined orgasm is what is called a stifled orgasm.  You bring your man just as he is about to orgasm and then squeeze the head or shaft of the penis or put your thumb at the hole of his penis and try and prevent as many orgasmic contractions as possible.  This gives him a very frustrating taste of a full climatic orgasm.  The reason for the use of the ruined orgasm is you can give him some “relief” however it helps maintain his high sexual energy and horniness.  This can be very empowering for the wives.

-MCI, keep ’em locked and have fun!


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